Bottle Gourd

Tafsi F1 : Tafsi is an early hybrid variety cultivable almost round the year. With white mark on dark green rind of fruit, it's soft and appetizing. It requires low temperature to boil and average size of a fruit is 50-55 cm and weight 2.5-3 kg.
Martina  F1: An incredibly high yielding variety of bottle gourd is Martina that grows all the year round but remarkably (more prolific) in winter season. Fruits are spotted-green, 50-55 cm long and weight is 2.5-3 Kg.
Barsha F1 : A hybrid variety, Barsha is spotted deep green in color, 45-50 cm long, 2.5-3 Kg weighty soft and delicious and can be grown in rainy season as well.
Diana  F1: Diana, a hybrid variety having high prolificacy looks bottle-shaped and has white spot on dark green rind. With fruits very soft and delicious, this variety is highly tolerant to heat and rain and resistant to pest. Diana grows all the year round.
Green Diamond : Green Diamond is a high yielding variety with a shape of guava and white mark on green skin. This is cultivable throughout the year and tolerant to heat and rain.
BARI Lao : Bari Lao is a high yielding variety suiting best for early season. Fruits are light green, 40-45 cm long, 1.5-2 Kg in weight, and soft and delicious.
Khet Lao: It is a high yielding variety cultivable for leaf and fruit purpose.