Our Services

Green Chashee Waste Concern JaiboSar:

Waste Concern JaiboSar, a high quality organic fertilizer especially produced from slurry or fermented
materials of biogas plant, is environmental- friendly and can help to a great extent rejuvenate the soils by supplying considerable amounts of macro as well as micronutrients, and organic matter which can also improve physical and biological conditions of the soils.


Green Fish & Poultry Feed:

Since there is a short supply of protein in Bangladesh, we expect substantial growth of the animal health
industry in the near future. To prepare for this growth, investment has been made for machines to enhance capacity. We are screening numerous varieties of crops and identifying the appropriate crop protection chemicals to ensure that we can provide greater variety and adaptability to the farmers.


Green Seeds:

Seed industry is the most fundamental part of agriculture. The evolution of this industry towards high yielding variety and maintaining genetic diversity will play a critical role in ensuring sustainable increase in the agricultural output of Bangladesh. Keeping this challenge in mind, Mridha Seeds started the seed business in 2005. Our seeds have gained wide acceptance by farmers for their quality and yield. This has created a positive brand image and a foundation of trust on which we can expand the business.