Green Bangla Seed


Lidia : Lidia is a light sea green and medium-sized high yielding variety. Moderately tight headed, Lidia has deferred perishing attribute. Plants are disease and heat tolerant


Nova F1 : Nova is a wintertime hybrid variety. With leaves thickly assembled, its head is flat, compact and hard to crack. A head averages 3 kg in weight. It has high tolerance to heat.

Shishir  F1: Shishir is an early hybrid variety also cultivable in optimum season. Each fruit weighing 2 Kg is flat round in shape. Head is compact and does not crack easily. Leaves are thickly assembled and light green


Kuroda 35: A superb quality variety of carrot, Kuroda 35 has a big sized root straight and uniform in shape through the bottom. The edible root averages 20-22 cm long. Attractive orange color and smooth skin groom up the appearance of this variety to a remarkable beauty.


Tabbi F1: Flashy white in color, Tabbi is an early hybrid variety cultivable also in optimum season. Tight and dome shaped, leaves of its fruit are vertically assembled. Average weight is 1 Kg

Snow Wave F1: Snow Wave takes the shape of a dome with tight curd bright white in color. Leaves are vertically assembled. Average weight of individual fruit is 1-1.5 Kg.

Sneha  F1: The curd of Sneha is bright white, tight and dome-shaped. The edge for this variety is that it can be harvested in 55-60 days. Weight averages 1-1.5 Kg each.

Snow White: Exceptionally early and heat tolerant variety of cauliflower, Snow White has bright white curd tasting very delicious. The shape of a curd looks like a dome. Weight of each fruit is 300-500 g

Sivan F1: It's a suitable type of hybrid variety of cauliflower growing in mid-early and optimum season. Average yield of a single curd is 800-1100 g. White bright in color, Sivan is dome shaped and its leaves are erect and curd is very compact


Sonic  F1: An high yielding hybrid variety of chili, Sonic is cultivable year round. It is vigorously growing, resistant to bacterial wilt and virus and tolerant to excessive rain. It becomes 9-10 cm long; fruits are shiny green straight and bitingly pungent

Premium F1: It is a high yielding hybrid variety with medium typed bushy plant tolerant to virus. Green, straightness and medium pungency are fruit features. It grows 10-12 cm long and cultivable year round

Vigor F1: Looking dark green, Vigor is an early variety of hybrid chili, which has very high pungency. It grows 8-9 cm

Demon F1: Demon is a very vigorous variety with a reliable performance in a range of different growing circumstances. Plants are tall with a concentrated set of fruits and is upright bearing. The attraction of demon is its fruit quality, very nice bright color, uniform fruits in size and firm

Dhoom  F1: Dhoom plant is erect and rather dense and quite late in maturity. Fruit color is medium green, fruit skin smooth with a very high pungency. It is Ideal variety for areas where fertility level is low

Major: It is a high yielding variety with fruits green and hot being 8-9 cm long and tolerant to diseases

Chandramukhi :  A very high yielding chili, Chandramukhi is tolerant to many diseases. Fruits grow upward, which has high pungency. It grows 4-5 cm


LB 60 : Fast growing LB 60 is a very high yielding variety with aromatic bright green leaves. Bolting is very late.

LB 65 : A high yielding variety, LB 65 grows fast with late bolting feature and the leaves are shiny with fresh aroma

Sugandha  Super: Sugandha has fast growing excellence and strong persisting aromatic smell. Its a late bolter & harvesting is possible within 30 days after sowing


Panna:  With the stem soft, tender and delicious, Panna is an excellent variety cultivable round the year. The edible stem is attractive light red in color.

Red Tower:  Red Tower is tall, reddish, stress tolerant & late bolting variety. Its stem is very tender, delicious and plant is easily cultivable.

Katuaraj: Light green colored stem with much uniform branches gives this variety a high demand. Its late bolter tastes delicious and is tender with soft.

Bitter Gourd

 Tia F1: It's a day neutral hybrid variety cultivable round the year except in very severe winter. Attractive green color and semi-spiny look give Tia a cutting edge. Mild bitter and delicious Tia becomes 25-30 cm long and weight is 200-250 g each.

Parrot F1: Fruit is dark green in color, 18-20 cm long, spiny, bitter and delicious. Average weight of each fruit is 150-200 g.

Taj-88: A high yielding variety, Taj is 20-25 cm long, light green, bulky at the middle but narrow towards two ends. Weight is 100-120 g each

Bottle Gourd

Tafsi F1 : Tafsi is an early hybrid variety cultivable almost round the year. With white mark on dark green rind of fruit, it's soft and appetizing. It requires low temperature to boil and average size of a fruit is 50-55 cm and weight 2.5-3 kg.

Martina  F1: An incredibly high yielding variety of bottle gourd is Martina that grows all the year round but remarkably (more prolific) in winter season. Fruits are spotted-green, 50-55 cm long and weight is 2.5-3 Kg.

Barsha F1 : A hybrid variety, Barsha is spotted deep green in color, 45-50 cm long, 2.5-3 Kg weighty soft and delicious and can be grown in rainy season as well.

Diana  F1: Diana, a hybrid variety having high prolificacy looks bottle-shaped and has white spot on dark green rind. With fruits very soft and delicious, this variety is highly tolerant to heat and rain and resistant to pest. Diana grows all the year round.

Green Diamond : Green Diamond is a high yielding variety with a shape of guava and white mark on green skin. This is cultivable throughout the year and tolerant to heat and rain.

BARI Lao : Bari Lao is a high yielding variety suiting best for early season. Fruits are light green, 40-45 cm long, 1.5-2 Kg in weight, and soft and delicious.

Khet Lao: It is a high yielding variety cultivable for leaf and fruit purpose.

Country Bean

Rifa F1: Day nutral summer type variety with dwarf bushy plant. Able to survive in adverse climatic condition and highly tolerant to mozaic virus Deep greenish cooker friendly tender fruit can easily be grown in top or pot.

IPSA 1 : IPSA 1 is an early, day neutral and even excessive rain tolerant variety. Fruits are light violet, medium-shaped and tasty.

IPSA 2 : A heat tolerant, early variety of country bean with tender and tasty fruits IPSA 2 has a longer shelf life.

BARISeam : It is a high yielding variety the plant of which has good disease tolerance. Bari Seam is recorded as very prolific, tender and tasty.


Alavy  F1: Exceptionally first-rate hybrid variety, Alavy is attractively light green in color, 15-20 cm long and delicious. It has a stunning prolificacy rate. 

Green King: Deep green gives this variety a fine look. It grows 18-20 cm long and weight is 1.5 kg.

Shila: It is high yielding day neutral variety with fruits green 20-25 cm long and delicious. A fruit weighs 400-500 g.

Baromashi : Baromashi is a day neutral high yielding variety. Fruits are green, 20-25 cm long, 250-300 g weighty and cultivable year round.


Laboni F1: It is a hybrid variety having bright and dark purple fruits. Oval-shaped, soft and delicious, this variety weighs 180-200 g.

Sraboni  F1: Sraboni is a hybrid variety with much earliness. Plants are lightly bushy and tolerant to heat and rain. Fruits are round and supple, bright and dark purple in color and appetizing in taste. The average weight of a fruit is 250 g.

Banani  F1: Banani is a balloon-shaped, soft and delicious hybrid variety with white stripes in light green skin. The average weight is 160 g.

Singnath  666: Singnath, a high yielding variety, has bright and dark purple skin. It is straight, long, soft, delicious and 30-35 cm long.

Iva: High yielding early variety, Iva is heat, temperature and rain tolerant. Fruits are medium shaped, straight, soft and delectable. Green in color, fruits become 30-35 cm long, weighting 100 g. on an average.

French Bean

Nik F1: A new introduction producing strong vigorous bushy plants. Pods are rather straight, stingless, light green and tender. It has very high yield potential and shows a good tolerance to common diseases

Indian Spinach

Madhuri : Plants of Madhuri are very tender and delicious with attractive green thick leaves.

Monisha : Monisha, a quickly growing variety with thick leaf reddish in color is soft and delicious

Kang Kong

LP1: LP1 has a fast growing trend having green leaf with soft stem. At an interval of 10-12 days is this variety harvestable. It grows round the year. Taste is quite delicious.

Bamboo Leaf: It is fast growing with green, narrow and extended leaf. Softer stem makes it delicious


Century F1: Vigorous growth and downy mildew tolerant, high female and good fruit set, fruit oblong fruit size 6.8 x 12.0 cm. long shelf-life and first harvest at 35 days after sowing

Naogaon Green : Fruits of Naogaon Green, a high yielding variety are dark green and 12-15 cm long.


Silvia-5 F1: Silvia-5, an early hybrid variety resistant to yellow mosaic virus, has attractively green and soft fruit. Yield per plant is 40-45 fruits.

Lucky-7  F1: It is an early hybrid variety with attractive green fruit and soft flesh. Lucky-7 is a yellow mosaic virus tolerant variety yielding 40-45 fruits a plant.

Green Finger  F1: Green Finger hybrid is characterized by its highly tolerant to yellow mosaic virus and very attractive shiny deep green medium sized fruit with prominent ridge. Average fruit per plant around 60.

Arka Anamika : Arka Anamika is very prolific type of variety, the fruits of which are soft and supple. Tolerance to yellow virus for this variety is very satisfactory.

OK 285 : An exceptionally high yielding variety, OK 285 is green, medium and soft and yellow mosaic virus tolerant.

Choice: It is a bit early and high yielding with attractive green and delicious fruits. Yield per plant ranges 35-40. It has tolerance to yellow mosaic virus.

Yard Long Bean

Saba F1: Green firm yet tender fleshy fruit. Very prolific, vigorous and heat tolerance.  Length 55-60 cm.

Lal Benny: It's a high yielding variety growing 45-50 cm long. Crimson red in color, fruits are highly prolific and very delicious.

Toki : Toki is a day neutral and high yielding variety bright dark green in color. Tender and soft skin is the differentiating feature of this variety becoming 55-60 cm long. Mild winter tolerance and high keeping quality are plus.

1070: A high yielding variety 1070 is light green, tender and 55-60 cm long.

Banalata : Banalata is a rapidly growing, high yielding and day neutral variety with smooth, long and straight fruit, light green in color. This is able to produce the same type of fruit even till the last cycle of fruit bearing.

Wax Gourd

Jupitar F1: Deep green gives this variety a fine look. It grows 18-20 cm long and weight is 1.5 kg.

Pole Star F1: Fruits cultivable almost year round are light green, 20-25 cm long and weight is 1.5 kg. Fruiting starts at 40-45 days after sowing.

Duranta : High yielding variety, Duranta is green and 25-30 cm long, weight being 1.5 kg and cultivable year round except winter.

Durbar: It is a high yielding variety with green fruits growing 20-25 cm long, 1-1.3 kg in weight and cultivable year round except winter.


Ocean Sugar F1: An early type and fast growing hybrid is this variety, fruits of which are light green with bright red flesh. It tastes very sweet. Weight averages 12-15 Kg.

Victor super F1 : Victor super is a Charleston grey type hybrid watermelon. It has high and superior quality attractive green oblong fruit. Rind is thin but tough, therefore ideal for shipment. Fruit weight is 12-15 KG each with bright red soft seedless flesh. Brix content is 12%, very suitable for cultivation in semi drought condition.


Mintoo F1: It grows all year round with the distinction of viability in summer having tolerance to heat and rain. Fruits are semi-round and medium sized with attractively deep red outer skin. Average weight of a fruit is 70-90 g in summer while 100 g in winter. Prolificacy of this variety is highly noteworthy.

Mintoo Super F1: Determinate type, high yield and vigorous plant, Flattened shape fruit weight 120-140 gm with attractive bright red color outer skin Firm flesh suitable for fresh market and distant transportation.   

Delta F1: Delta is an excellent type of variety determinate and heat tolerant in nature. Fruits are round in shape, attractive red in color. Cultivable in early, optimum and late winter, it weighs 100-120 g. Relatively long shelf life and high keeping quality lie with this variety. 

Unnayan F1: Earliness and tolerance to heat and rain embedded into this hybrid variety suit the needs of farmers for his long shelf life. Fruits are oblong and attractive red in color. Average weight is 100 g.

BARI-4:BARI-4, mainly a summer time hybrid variety, has high tolerance to heat and rain. Each plant sprouts 1.5 kg of fruits in summer by 5-6 flashes during 3-4 weeks. Fruits are dark red.

Ratan: Determinate in kind, Ratan is a high yielding variety with round fruits attractive red in color. Weight is about 100 g.  

Pusarubi: Early, significantly heat tolerant, this variety produces flat round fruits bright red in color. 

Roma VF: It is a high yielding variety with oblong fruits, attractive red in color and very delicious. Roma VF is cultivable in mid and late winter season. Weight is about 60-70 g

Sponge Gourd

Fujian F1: A day-neutral hybrid variety is Fujian cultivable all the year round but in severe winter. Fruits are attractive light green, delicately soft, and fibreless. Having great taste, it ranges 25-30 cm in length and 120-130 g. in weight.


Sathi : Sathi is a fast growing leafy vegetable soft and very tasty with attractive green in color.

Ivan: A faster growing leafy vegetable variety, Ivan has dark green leaf and light green stalk toward axis. Length and width of a leaf are 20-25 cm and 15-20 cm respectively. It has excellent taste.

Snake Gourd

Surma F1: Surma has vigorous growth with attractive light green skin earmarked by white stripe across the length of fruit that becomes 30-35 cm long and weight is 250-300 g.

Tista: The plant of Tista has stronger disease tolerance. It is a high yielding variety of snake gourd with high prolificacy, tenderness and taste.

Dhaka Green: White stripe on green skin and medium size and straight shape of fruits have given this variety a wider excellence. A Fruit is 40-45 cm long and weight of that is 180-200 g.

Turag: A medium sized high yielding variety, Turag is straight with a length of 30-35 cm and a weight of 160-170 g.

Ridge Gourd

Hercules F1: An early hybrid variety Hercules is highly appetizing with fibreless flesh. It grows 40-45 cm long. Weight is 200-250 g. Tolerance to downy mildew disease gives this variety an edge.

Hero F1: Hero tastes delicious and is soft and fibreless. Its length is 40-45 cm and weight 250-300 g.

Lufa-35 F1: Of an early variety nature, Lufa-35, a hybrid, has attractive, soft and delicious fruit growing 30-35 cm long and 200-250 g in weight.

Samiha  F1: Downy mildew disease tolerant, Samiha shows a striking prolificacy almost round the year. This hybrid variety is so smooth and fibreless that it takes little time to be cooked and tastes very delicious.

Prince : Prince is high yielding, dark green, soft, delicious and 30-32 cm long

Red Amaranth

Altapeti 20 : Leafy vegetable, Altapeti 20 is attractive red-colored fast growing, soft and delicious. This is light red-colored leafy vegetable.

Lolita : Leafy vegetable, Lolita is fast growing, tender, delicious and easily cultivable variety.

Raktaranga: Leafy is attractive shiny red color. It is fast growing, tender and very delicious


White Rocket F1: White Rocket is a quickly growing hybrid with length of 35-40 cm and weight of 450-500 g.  Both root and leaf are appetizing.

Rocky 45: Earliness, faster growth and excellent white color spell this variety highly demandable. Leaf is shiny, soft and delicious. Stem grows 25-30 cm long and 300-400 g weighty. 

Rocky Super: This variety is characterized by earliness and quick growth. White in color, it grows 25-30 cm long and weight becomes 300-350 g.

Tasaki: It is of fast-growing quality. Two thirds of the root stays above the ground. Fleshy part is succulent and delicious.

Pinky : Pinky is a very high yielding variety bright pink in color and pungent in taste. Medium sized this variety is broad at the upper part and narrow toward the lower part.

Quick 40: A high yielding variety, heat tolerant and early in nature, Quick-40 has bright white color, moderate pungency, and delicious taste. Weight ranges 250-300 g


Suprema  F1: Nicely flat round shape with regular ridge on blackish green rind of fruit is outer beauty of Suprema, a hybrid variety; very thick flesh dark yellow in color is its inner beauty. A fruit averages 4-5 Kg in weight with excellent growth rate. This excels for its great taste.

Sweety  F1: Sweety is marked with all-year-round-cultivation feature. Flat round shape, regular ridge on fruit with thick flesh, dark yellow in color give fruits a delicate impression. Each fruit weighs 7-8 Kg.

Dream Gold  F1: A day neutral and all year round variety, Dream Gold is distinguished for its apparently round shape and yellowish skin having uniform ridge. Flesh is thick and dark yellow. Typically a fruit weight is 5-6 Kg.

Solid Gold  F1: Solid Gold is a day neutral hybrid variety edible both in mature and immature stages. Its outer skin has evenly shallow ridge and flesh is thick and dark yellow. The shape of fruit is like a dome. Typically a fruit weight is 5-6 Kg.


Babu F1: The attractive yellow flesh color, high brix, firm flesh and a high yield of uniform fruits makes the queen among the papaya hybrids

Gazi : Gazi is a high yielding variety of papaya with medium green skin before maturity. It transforms into attractive yellow color after ripening. The fruit is round and becomes 1.5-2 Kg


Taherpuri  EW 20: Taherpuri has an impressive deep brown colored skin with slightly round shape. It is mostly single-bulled weighing about 20 g each. High pungency and longer preserving feature have enabled this variety to be the preferred brand among farmers.

Jumbo EW 40: This variety is single-bulled with attractive reddish color and pitcher shape. Weight is about 40-45 g each. It has piercing pungency and good storing quality.

TAHERPURI KING : TAHERPURI KING is attractive brown-colored flat round-shaped and single-bulled. Each fruit has 30-35 g weight, high pungency and very good storing quality