Mridha Agri Care Ltd. is a private company operating in the fertilizer sector in Bangladesh.Experienced, efficient, and dynamic leaderships are at the helm of the company’s management hierarchy. A group of overseas-educated young persons is supporting the management. Mridha Agri Care Ltd. has a large, knowledgeable and highly skilled Field Force provides training and technical advices to the farmers. Mridha Agri Care agribusiness is the largest integrator in Agriculture, Seeds and Fisheries. These businesses have glorified presence in Bangladesh. Agribusiness products are economical and they are a combination of quality with proper knowledge based service. The major product of Mridha Agri Care Ltd. is Organic Fertilizer & also others micro-nutrients. Fertilizers are essential in the agricultural sector for they have certain chemical elements that increase the growth of plants. Mridha Agri Care Ltd. has helped boost the Bangladesh agricultural sector by dint of the high quality of its products.


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